At Quay Park Specialist Say Hospital, we dedicate ourselves to providing superior health and wellbeing for all our people in our care, in facilities that promote innovation, enabling staff and specialists to be their best.

Across the Evolution hospital group, we achieve this by investing in up to date medical technology and patient management systems and benchmarking our hospital against best practice industry standards. Each year we proudly enter our quality improvement initiatives into the annual Evolution Healthcare quality awards. Winning the awards in 2019, and placing third in 2020. In addition, our quality initiative was selected as one of three finalists in the NZPSHA quality awards – clinical category.

Clinical governance is supported by regular robust reviews that gather key performance data from various sources to identify trends and improvement opportunities.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

We are committed to respecting your privacy and treating you with dignity. If you feel that this has not occurred then please speak to the nurse manager or alternatively you can contact us.

Your Rights