Our region is currently in Covid Alert Level 3. Restrictions are in place to look after the people in our care. Our robust health and safety measures ensure we continue to perform safely while providing optimal care to all our patients. We require everyone who is entering the facility to be tested COVID-19 negative. This includes the patient and any person who wishes to accompany them into the facility and/or pick them up after their operation.
We are ensuring that all of our workers are fully vaccinated, and COVID-19 tested weekly for your safety.

Preoperative Covid-19 testing
During Alert Level 3 and when there are cases of community outbreak, we require all patients and their support person to be tested for Covid-19 and demonstrate a negative result. Please take the test three days (no more than 72 hours) prior to the surgical procedure.

Nasopharyngeal swab
You can make an appointment with your doctor to have this test done. Please ensure you book your test at least three days (but not earlier than 72 hours) prior to your procedure. Ask your doctor to request your test as an “urgent pre-op swab” on the form.

Saliva Test
You can make an appointment to have a saliva test complete two days prior to your procedure. If you choose to have a saliva test it is recommended you do not eat, drink, chew gum, brush your teeth, smoke, or vape for an hour before your test.

The cost for saliva testing is $115 per test. You can pay online or by credit card. You may be able to claim some or all of this cost back from your insurance company depending on your policy.

Contact details for saliva testing:
Phone: 0800 122 355

Please show the receptionist and the admitting nurse proof (text or email) of your negative result on arrival at our hospital. Unfortunately if either the patient or the support person does not have a negative result we cannot admit the patient and the procedure will be postponed.

Thank you for your assistance in making your procedure as safe as possible for everyone involved.

For Personalised Service & Care

Welcome.  Quay Park Surgical Centre is a purpose built surgical unit near the CBD and Auckland City Hospital.

We are an Affiliated Provider for Southern Cross Trust Health Insurance patients.

Quay Park Surgical Centre holds an Elective Surgery Contract with ACC which enables us to undertake Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for ACC patients.

We pride ourselves on offering:

  • More affordable prices for surgery
  • Prompt delivery of care
  • Quality service with attention to detail
  • Care closer to main transport routes

Many surgeons also prefer Quay Park Surgical because we are able to offer their patients a more personalised service while maintaining a high standard of care.

At this website you can learn more about us and our vision through our detailed profile, see our surgeons list, download ACC and other forms, learn about employment with us or contact us for further information from our friendly team.

We also have detailed information for patients undergoing surgery at our hospital and for surgeons wanting to join our team of specialists.

Thank you, and we look forward to making your visit to Quay Park Surgical as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Cathy Collins

A warm welcome awaits you at Quay Park Surgical

Quay Park Surgical specifically caters to the needs of day-stay and short-stay patients, with easy access to motorways and public transport.

It contains three operating theatres, a fully equipped sterilisation department, six first stage Post Anaesthetic Care beds, second stage recovery with Lazy Boy chairs and a ward comprising four inpatient rooms.

ACC contract to provide Surgical Treatment Services for ACC approved patients.  The hospital offers specialties including:

  • Oral and Maxillofacial
  • Paediatric Dental
  • Paediatric General / Urology
  • Plastic / Cosmetic
  • Hand Surgery

See our surgeons list